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Image of Rastafarian holding a small bowl of kava with the caption Don't Worry! Be Happy! with Melo Melo Kava

“Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

Bobby McFerrin coined the phrase in his upbeat reggae-style song back in late 1988. It was a MONSTER HIT!

In today’s world, it’s not unfair to say that there can be a lot to worry about – global conflicts, cost-of-living pressures, social justice anomalies  …  and the list goes on. People are stressed, feeling anxious and suffering from insomnia and other general health issues.

Unfortunately, many folk have turned to alcohol or opioids or other dangerous substances in an attempt to alleviate their problems. BAD MOVE!

On the other hand, a growing number of people have discovered the wonders of KAVA as a means of easing their anxiety, reducing stress and improving their sleep patterns and overall health and well-being.

NOW is a good time to change your life for the better. Visit our Kava Shop to buy kava and to try this wondrous herb and experience all that it can do for you!

As we often say – “Want to Feel Good? Drink Kava!”

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