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Buy Kava – Our Background

Who We Are: the bringers of joy, serenity, peace and tranquility – all in a cup!

We have absolutely no reservations about expressing our love of kava.


Our experience with drinking kava began in the late 90’s when we first visited Fiji as tourists and a little time later – Vanuatu. It was in fact in Vanuatu that we started to appreciate the history, the ceremony and the benefits attached to consuming this amazing drink.

In 2005 we packed our bags, sold up everything and moved from the Gold Coast to Vanuatu. This marked the beginning of our kava journey.
Since then, I must say that I have consumed all types of kava – from the very best to the very worst. This included stone kava (kicks like a mule on steroids) and tu-dei kava which was the “pits” – crook for the next couple of days. Never again!

It should be mentioned at this point that it was while in Vanuatu that I also became heavily involved in the kava industry – in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail sectors. During my 11 years in Vanuatu, I visited many nakamals (meeting place) and experienced so many moments of serene happiness that upon our return to Australia I continued my kava love affair.

That love of kava extends to Vanuatu Kava, Fiji Kava, Tongan Kava and Instant Kava (made from fresh green kava juice then dehydrated) – all made from noble variety strains. None of the rubbish tu-dei or wild kava for me.

When the Australian Government initiated its Kava Trial in January, 2022, my immediate response was “Let’s do this!”. So, I became an online vendor of kava in Australia (Check out these Kava Shop links).

So, we thoroughly recommend that you start your own kava journey and join us as we 

“Live in the moment and enjoy the wonders of Kava!”

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